New Chanel

As we all grieve the loss of the creative mind and fashion god, Karl Lagerfeld, we have accepted that the brand has to move on and continue its top trendsetting designs. So after the passing of Karl, one of his partners, Virginie Viard, that worked alongside him and learned from his expertise for nearly 30 years, has put Chanel back on its feet with the Cruise 2020 collection.

To keep the signature atmosphere and style of Karl, the show continued to carry the tradition of being located in major “go big or go home” spots to keep Karl’s vision of the runway to be a full experience to guests. The Cruise collection took place in Paris, where Karl resigned for most years of his life. The walk was held in Chanel’s favorite venue, the Grand Palais, a beautiful, wide spaced train station exhibiting the collections “promise of an adventure”.

The Cruise collection consisted of 79 total looks carrying the original and classical Chanel aesthetics with incorporations of many suiting and tweed, but you can see the touch of Viard intertwined into the collection. Many feminine details were seen on the runway, ranging from bows and pastels to florals and pearls.

The collection did an outstanding job of colliding the two designers together while embracing the next chapter of Chanel with Viard’s classic, yet feminine, designs while keeping the true elegance and signatures of the Chanel that we have known and loved for so long. Each look was playful and eye catching making it hard to not want to see more of Viard’s work in the future for Chanel.



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