Helluva Broad

The 80’s had some questionable fashion choices from the bleached out perms to the obsession with puffy sleeved velour prom dresses, but it made broad shoulders an item to look out for in fashion. With movie stars usually having broad shoulders in 80’s and 90’s cult classics, the demand for them skyrocketed. It’s easy to see why since broad shoulders give your body a new silhouette that flatters any body shape. The easiest solution to have broad shoulders are shoulder pads. Shoulder pads: you either find them tacky or you can’t get enough of them. That being said, you should use it whether you hate them or love them.

If you are boxy, it can accentuate the wideness that your body needs. Meanwhile shoulder pads can minimize the waist of people who have a more pear-shaped body. Another benefit shoulder pads can add is a seemingly better posture. If you do have rounded shoulders like me, the shoulder pads can add more definition to your shoulders and give the illusion that your posture is better than it seems. Along with that, shoulder pads give off CEO energy, as most shoulder pads are usually seen in blazers. The only downside to having shoulder pads is that they can slip easily off of your shoulders if you move your arms a lot, and/or they can age you. That all being said, shoulder pads have almost no downsides to them and give off the executive vibes we all love and crave.


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