Trends of the Decade

Poodle skirts, legwarmers, mix-and-match prints, the list goes on and on with fashion trends from past decades. Each decade had their own unique style that people remember, reminisce, or even loathe. Looking back, it seems as though the decade did not show much individuality when it came to local trends, only repetition of old trends, specifically the 90’s. But now that the decade has took its course, it is time to talk about the trends that I believe defined the past 10 years.

90’s Babies

Ah, yes. The 90’s was a beautiful time for the chic persona that is admired most among teens today. The fashion from this era is the most flattering, and I believe the trends from it won’t die for a very, very long time.


This trend became increasingly more popular towards the end of the decade, with the “skater” style spreading like wildfire, as well as people rushing to get high end brands like Supreme or Bape every time they dropped new items. Let’s not forget the sneakers that made their big break this decade too.

“Woke” Fashion

In this day and age, the new generation or “Gen Z” is obsessed with having an open mind or being “woke”. This leads to more ideas and concepts being expressed on clothes, and I am all here for it!


Subtle, yet aesthetically pleasing is what I think describes minimalist fashion. Simple and quality pieces go a long way and never go out of style.

Festival Fashion

I am always excited to see festival fits, they really bring out how much creativity can go into an outfit. Every year, the fashion is hyped up for popular music festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, etc. and it’s where some trends originate from. As much as I love the artists that preform at festivals, the thought of dressing up to go to one seems just a little more fun.

Now that we are well on our way to the new decade, I’m curious to see what new trends will go underway. What trends do you think will happen?

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