How to: Dress Up Your Sweats

We are all lucky that it is now completely socially acceptable, and often-times stylish, to walk out of the house in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. There are many ways to dress up our comfiest outfits and be able to walk around all day, relaxing in the softest t-shirt of our choice. Many of these options are simple additions to daily outfits that can make a large difference in the tone of the look you are wearing. Sometimes all we need is something to formalize our outfit just a little bit to make us feel more motivated or put together to get work done

1: Add a Jacket

Both casual and dressy jackets can provide a level of formality to an outfit that changes the whole look. Particularly during winter months, a jacket to provide warmth and a more mature look is exactly what you need. Just grab a cardigan or fancy jacket, layer it over a casual outfit, and enjoy the benefits of your secretly comfy style!

2: Exchange Sneakers for Boots

There are many options for cute boots that could change the vibe of your outfit throughout the week. Simply exchanging your go-to lazy day shoes for booties or platform boots will do wonders in the look of your clothes to others. This option adds a level of classiness to the look that people will take notice of quickly.

3: Introduce a Hair Piece


Especially on lazy days when brushing your hair can get away from you, a hair piece is the perfect alternative. It is a good way to draw attention to the natural beauty in your face, while still seeming like you’re wearing a dressier outfit. There are many ways to achieve this look. You could utilize headbands, scrunchies, or do a braid with a bow on the end; the possibilities are endless.

4: Spice Up Your Jewelry

This idea might seem too simple to actually change the formality of an outfit. But, just adding a few pieces of large, statement jewelry makes your style have a completely different tone. Jewelry attracts attention of others to those areas where you’re wearing the pieces, and people can take notice of large earrings or a chunky bracelet quickly. Oftentimes, jewelry frames your face and hands in a way where you seem extremely more dressed-up than without. This tip also doubles as the easiest way to seem fancier in your sweats than you actually are, making it my personal go-to strategy.

All of these options are extremely cost effective, and most times we already have these pieces in our closest. With these tips, you are able to keep wearing the softest looks, while being dressed up at the same time. Look in your closet to see which of these styles you think would work the best with your favorite pair of sweatpants!

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