Ruffle Your Feathers: The Perfect Trend for Every Occasion this Season

Feathers have always been a statement in the fashion world. However, the trend has returned, and this time it is being incorporated into outfits in all sorts of ways, from the runway to casual streetwear.

The days of lavish feather boas will remain an iconic period in fashion, but lately feathers are popping up in day to day wear in a variety of different fashions. While feathers remain an extra flair to accessories, the trend has also been expanded to everyday outfit staples. You can find feathers on your new favorite bags, shoes and more. These pieces are a perfect way to spice up your favorite outfits. The added texture of feathers can give a simple, easy outfit a new, spunky look.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, feathers can also be on your main pieces. Feather trimmed pants, jackets, skirts and dresses have become popular must-have items this season. Through they can be used as extravagant looks for special occasions, they can also be used in a variety of different ways. Feathers can be used for a cozy vibe, an edgy look or just a casual outfit with a trendy accent.

No matter how you choose to wear feathers, they are an essential piece for the season. This revived trend will give your outfits a leg up and have everyone wishing to incorporate feathers into their look, too!


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