Styling Thrifted Outfits

Thrifting is the new popular trend as it is affordable, environmentally conscious, and a fun way to spend your time. It is not creating more fast-fashion, nor is it a way to break the bank as each item is usually in the lower price range. Thrifting can be so much fun too as it can be an easy way to have a group of friends meet up. Going with a group of friends on the weekends to the local Goodwill is one of the easiest ways to have fun in a small town (trust me I know what it’s like to grow up in a small town where the only fun thing to do is to watch TV). That being said, thrifting is like all types of clothes shopping, you have to learn how to style the pieces you buy.

The new trend on social media with styling thrifted clothes is to simply crop it. As cute as that can be, I would like to crop tops right. I am going to be completely honest with all y’all, but just because you cropped a shirt does not always make the shirt better than it was. Cropping should not be the go-to move. Take the thrifted top and make it a specific outfit piece with a complementary bottom. The bottom piece doesn’t need to be crazily unique either, it can be a pair of mom jeans or even like bright green pants. Add hats and jewelry as well that complement the outfit colors. It elevates the outfit overall and doesn’t make it so cliché. It makes the outfit you created individualistic as anyone can crop a shirt and add it to American Eagle jeans. Don’t limit yourself style-wise to be in a trend with thrifted clothing, be uniquely yourself!

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