Grammys Fashion Trends 2020

It’s always nice to be bombarded on Instagram with red carpet dresses and suits after an award ceremony. With the free gift to wear absolutely whatever you desire to the Grammy’s, the designs tend to bounce all over the place, but like every year, some common silhouettes, color palettes, and trends show more frequently than others.

Of course, we await to see the most bazaar look on the runaway when we know music is involved,  especially after years of Lady GaGa showing up with spiked hair and 6-inch heels. Billy Porter walked the runway twinning a sparkling lampshade in a sleek conservative way, but really how does he look good with that on his head?! Then, there’s Shaun Ross fully covered in pearls from head to toe and honestly, it’s pretty BA to pull that one off.

One thing I think makes a runway look flawless and stand out is the simple, yet revealing details of the design that make you want to see more. From see through sequins to plunging neck lines, celebs seem to show their curves and best features every year with this combination. Priyanka walked the runway with a deep V neck below the belly button, showing her tight core and cleavage, and we all wish we could pull that off like her! Heidi really took the details to the next level with a low V neck and a beautiful jeweled dress showing her sun-kissed tan underneath. It’s always great to see designers play with sparkle and curvy silhouettes of celebs!

Now for men on the runaway, I couldn’t stop seeing variations of burgundy/ reds in suits this year. Something about literally matching the red carpet must have been an unsaid theme. Nevertheless, burgundy flatters every skin tone and made these men pop and look ready to win an award. I think YBN’s rose patterned tux with burgundy details looked proper and sophisticated without being too over the top.



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