Behind the Scenes: Award Shows

The designs a celebrity wears to an award show is always the most interesting part of the show. What is he gonna wear? What is she gonna wear? The outfits the celebrities wear to these events place a stamp on their timeline and set off thousands of news reports regarding the latest fashion.

The most common asked question,“Who are you wearing?”, sparks interest in every nook and corner in Hollywood. The tradition of dressing a celebrity for an award show is a big business opportunity for designers; they even make sure to dedicate special time in this tiring process to create the look they want to release to the world.

Once nominations are announced, the designers and stylists get to work with the celebrities, making them try on over 40-50 dresses, and fixing the perfect one. Before they do so, however, the designers check in with the celebrities to understand what they prefer. The celebrity has the option to either wear a design from the designer’s new collection, or customize one based on their own desires. Wearing a one-of-a-kind gown is a big selling point not only for the celebrity, but for the designer as well. These dresses will be worn by nominees on the red carpet, which is a huge win for both parties involved.


Many celebrities may have a brand partnership or be associated with a brand beforehand. In that case, they are required to wear the company’s outfit for shows like these. On the other hand, if a celebrity isn’t associated with a specific brand, they have the opportunity to choose one, or be chosen. In many cases, a brand wants to work with a certain celebrity, however, if they want to work with another brand, then there has to be some adjustments and compromises made to reach that goal.

This is a high intensity and competitive time. Many celebrities would want the same dress or be passionate about only one particular designer. These are all factors the audience has to consider when watching shows like this, because the amount of work done behind the scenes is the reason the show is filled with such diversity. There have to be compromises, sacrifices, and commitments made in order to fulfill justice to the designer’s outfits and how the celebrity carries it the day of the show.

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