Is Fur Really That Bad?

Fur: a polarizing topic based around ethics, wealth, and environmental damage. Many of you have intense feelings towards what fur you prefer, but there needs to be awareness about the pros and cons of faux and organic fur.

As many of you already know, fur is usually seen in outerwear on things like coats, cloaks, shawls, and even hats. It was seen as a status symbol of elegance and wealth ages before the 2000’s. Many wealthier women were given fur coats from their husband as gifts and men were given fur-lined trench coats as gifts as well; fur was the ultimate clothing item. However, starting in the 2000’s, there was an uproar from various animal conservation organizations like PETA storming runways to protest the fur fashion pieces, or denouncing models who endorse fur production. Ever since then, fur has been frowned upon in fast fashion with many companies choosing to use faux fur instead.

Now, this is where things get tricky in deciding which fur is better. I will not be talking about the ethics of indigenous fur creations, as that is part of their individual cultures, and has shown that they are more than capable of utilizing every part of an animal in an ethical and sustainable manner. Back to the topics of fur, on one hand organic fur is biodegradable and will last a long time in terms of beauty and warmth, but it’s extremely time-consuming to take care of and the ways of harvesting the fur for the outerwear is horrible for the environment and animals, minks mainly. On the other side, faux fur is usually not biodegradable as it is made with polyester and plastic, and like most fast fashion pieces, it can easily degrade down. On the plus side, faux fur is easy to make and barely involves any animal products in its production; there are gives-and-takes to each.

My personal opinion leans on having organic fur coats as I see it paying off in the long-term of your closet wardrobe. I do not agree with how they collect the fur for the outerwear, but honestly, I cannot give you an answer about how to change that right now that placates my own worries about how to harvest the furs. I feel like if I would gain a sense of pride from taking care of such an expensive and rich coat, and I would feel much better knowing that the coat can be biodegraded when it is completely worn-out unlike the faux fur coats. The environment cannot take much more plastic damage, especially in the coming years.


This all being said, do not take my opinions as Bible. If you disagree with what I have said, I encourage you to do your own research about the pros and cons of the different fur types. Overall, this is all about how you see organic and faux fur within our current cultural world.

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