Light Up Your Spring in Neon

Imagine its 2010 and you’re rocking a neon explosion of an outfit, brought to you by Limited Too, (of course!). A decade later, neon brights are making a comeback as the proliferating palette of the 2020 spring and summer seasons.


Valentino sparked interest in neon greens and pinks in the Pierpaolo Piccioli Spring/ Summer 2020 show, followed by Christopher Kane and Rei Kawakubo, all harnessing the glorious man-made obnoxiousness that is the neon shade. Similarly popular in this year’s spring runway walks are pleats. Valentino harnessed both styles in this year’s show, showcasing this stunning neon green pleated ankle-length dress.


Neon blues also premiered on runways across the world, resembling summer blue skies. Also a Valentino design, the happy colored trench coat pictured above could brighten any rainy spring day. Pierpaolo Piccioli’s knack for joyous shades and lifting spirits through these bright styles offered him a genuine standing ovation at the end of the show.


An honorable mention goes out to this stunning personal favorite of mine. This ready-to-wear neon skirt and jacket are what got me on board the new-age neon trend. Although I’m more of a dark neutrals person myself, This set had me absolutely drooling. An easy to rock, fun match like this could boost anyone’s spirit and confidence on any day.

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