Aerie continuously promotes self-love and body positivity throughout their marketing campaigns and their stores. Serving as one of the main competitors to Victoria’s Secret, the brand has had to make big strides to stand out against the powerhouse of lingerie. They use the faces of admirable and strong women as role models for customers, use untouched models of different race, ethnicity, and size in their ads, and incorporate positive shopping experiences with their fittings and customer service.

Where other companies saw flaws, Aerie stepped up and created an entire brand centered around them; but, they aren’t even closed to finished.

As if they weren’t already making a powerful impact on their customers with the #AerieReal campaign, the brand continues to wow us with their ability to adapt to the change of time and needs of their customers. They see where the industry is not meeting customer needs and make sure to not only fill the need but succeed at doing so. 

Last week, Aerie launched a new collaboration with Abilitee Adaptive Wearreleasing cute and functional accessories for people with disabilities or medical needs. These accessories include waistbands, cath clips, arm sleeves for PICC lines, and ostomy covers. With a variety of color options, as well as some pattern choices, customers are given affordable but cute medical necessities. The company has received enormous praise from customers on social media and reviews. 

Abilitee Adaptive Wear is a start-up that was founded in Austin, Texas in 2015 by pediatric surgeon Dr. Julie Sanchez and designer and medical student Marta Elena Cortez-Neavel. These two women wanted to ease the frustration of many patients and their families who had to use traditional clothing while accessing their tubes, ostomies, IVs, etc. After just a few adaptive pieces, the start-up was receiving request after request for different types of adaptive wear.


“Each of our designs is directly inspired by an individual or group of people who have made their needs heard. We constantly receive messages from people requesting new products or providing feedback on products they have purchased, and take every suggestion seriously. We are humbled by the level of involvement we experience from the adaptive community, and are so grateful for the ideas and insights gleaned from these ongoing conversations,” said Marta Elena in an interview with #AerieReal Life.

As if these women haven’t made a large enough impact on this community and industry, they are surely not close to done.

“The past few years have been exhilarating, inspiring, and incredibly rewarding. We have so much more to learn, and so many more problems to solve through this process of collaborative design. As of now, we have dozens of new adaptive designs in the works, and the list is constantly growing,” Marta Elena said. “It’s 2020, but ableism and exclusion on the basis of medical need remains prevalent in many arenas. Our mission is to help shift the scales in the opposite direction; to address the unique needs of this diverse population as a means of elevating and empowering them to live their best lives.”


This new launch also includes a collaboration with Slick Chicks, a patent-pending, adaptive underwear designed to empower people with disabilities or physical challenges. With this collaboration, Aerie will be offering two versions of the adaptive underwear, in a bikini style and high-waisted bikini style.

When companies like Aerie, Abilitee Adaptive Wear, and Slick Chicks see a problem in the world we live in and create solutions, great things happen. When companies like these three team up, change begins and we make a difference.

•To learn more about this collaboration, visit Red Tricycle, Hello Giggles, and #AerieReal Life.•

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