All Black Everything

Black sneakers have become an essential part to any great lineup of shoes. The beauty of all black shoes is that they are able to match with anything you wear. Not only are they a clean look, they will also last longer than any other pair of shoes you own. Below are some great suggestions to help you start or add to your collection.

Stan Smiths

The Adidas Stan Smiths, one of the most iconic designs ever in the shoe world, have shaped the footwear industry by setting the standard of what a tennis shoe should look like. Sleek, simple, and stylish, the Stan Smiths are approaching their 60th anniversary since their release in 1964 and have barely changed since. No stranger to collabs, the Stan Smiths has many reiterations such as the Raf Simons Edition, Stella McCartney, and the recently released Prada collab. Garnering mentions in from rappers like Run DMC, Jay-Z, & A$AP Rocky the Stan Smiths prove to have powerful cultural influences and relevance in every decade since their birth.

Air Force 1’s

If you’re a checks-over-stripes type, then check out Nike’s Air Force 1 collection. One of their modern classics to be released from Nike, the Air Force 1 has been a staple for over 30 years with hundreds of different colorways. With many iterations in black, there’s a great amount of options to choose from like the Black & White Retros, the Off-White collab, or the Colin Kaepernick editions just to name a few. Not only does the abundant number of colorways give you endless choices, they go perfect with almost any fit. They are easily paired with jeans, sweats, chinos, and leggings of any color. A great option is going for a simple all-black outfit where they can become a focal point. If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes and whether you have a constrained budget or racks, black Air Force 1s are a great shoe to add to the collection.


If you decide to go down this path and are okay with spending a sinful amount of money on one pair of designer shoes, then lucky for you there is a lot of potential to work with black. They will certainly hold up longer than any other color shoes which is a huge plus, and they will give you that extra touch to your fit. Styles you can go for are the bulky shoe trend, which has been a hit in recent seasons with many fashion houses putting their own twist on it like the Acne Studios Rockaway sneaker. If you don’t like the chunky trend, then there’s many simpler styles like the Gucci Ace Waters or Alexander McQueen’s sneaker that elevate the traditional sneaker.


A new trend that has trickled down from clothing is the deconstruction style. Using a variety of reused materials to construct the shoe, deconstruction mixes up traditional looks with innovative and sustainable designs. The Sacai x Nike Blazer recently released in 2019 and has been one of the kick starters to this trend. A black & white color scheme happens to be one of only four colorways of this model.

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