Sweat(shirt) Weather

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am a major sweatshirt fanatic. It doesn’t really matter the occasion anymore, I always strive to be comfortable in the cooler months of the year. To most, a sweatshirt seems so unfashionable because it’s so easy to just throw on and walk out of the door, and I get it, it’s super easy and not impressive at all. BUT, now a days you can make anything cuter than the original purpose.

First, keep getting your school logo, vacation, and football team sweatshirts, but if you want to make it more stylish I recommend ordering sizes up. I think it’s so stylish to have a nice oversized sweatshirt on with leggings/ mom jeans and platform sneakers. I also follow Keaton Milburn (@kkeeaattoonn) on instagram and I LOVE how she styles chunky gold hoops and big stacked faux diamond rings with a literal average sweatshirt. It is so easy to do, but all of these accessories worn with a sweatshirt will make you look less like a hobo on the way to class.

Another trick to staying trendy when styling a sweatshirt, is buying a sweat set! When the top and bottom match, game over. At this point just add cute accessories and there you go! It looks like you tried but really you only clicked checkout on the site, but there you have it, an interchangeable sweat set. These sets are easy to find anywhere no matter the price range. A few places I shop at seem to have an abundance of them available for any certain taste an individual has.

I also know that for some people it’s so hard to find unique sweatshirts that aren’t just your universities logo. A few things you can think about while browsing for a new sweatshirt could be something to do with a music artist/band you love. Do they have tour merch out? Follow them on Instagram and they usually are always updating fans on merchandise they release, and depending on the artist you are into, you know the design is going to be super unique and dope. For example, Tove Lo just dropped some new merchandise with a few variations in sweatshirts that I need to get my hands on.

Other places to think about is your local vintage/thrift store. It could be the weirdest/oldest sweatshirt you have ever seen but they all have a story to them and how you incorporate it into your style is how it will become fashion. If you are browsing the aisle and see a cheesy sweatshirt that your dad potentially wore in the 90’s then take it home, accessorize it, and there is your look.

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