Dream it Real

Launched in 2008, the Coach Foundation was established as Coach’s philanthropic initiative, focused on supporting women’s health, disaster relief, cultural programs, and child education through high-impact, nonprofit organizations. Since their launch, the Coach Foundation has donated over $50 million to nonprofit partners all over the world.

The Coach Foundation also works as a supporter of the CFDA‘s Fashion Manufacturing Initiative to aid in restoration of the New York City fashion manufacturing industry. This initiative also includes the FMI Grant Fund. The FMI Grant Fund was created in 2013 by the CFDA in collaboration with New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). Victor Luis, CEO of the Coach Foundation, works with a panel of “industry insiders” to select New York manufacturing facilities to receive grants from the FMI Grant Fund to expand their businesses. These manufacturing facilities are committed to improving their services through technology, training, innovation, and relocation. Since 2013, the grant fund has been able to invest $3.5 million to 33 manufactures.

Coach has made launched many initiatives to support their personal philanthropic focuses, as well causes that Coach employees are passionate about through volunteer initiatives and matching programs. The Coach Foundation often partners with nonprofit organizations whom work with younger generations “at the grassroots level, providing resources, coaching and support to help unlock their potential.”

A perfect example of this was the partnership they established in 2018. Partnering with The Future Project, a national nonprofit organization, the Coach Foundation set out to support high school students across the United States working to build a better future for themselves. Coach and The Future Project put “dream directors” (mentors and leaders) into these high schools to provide support and guidance to help these creators and leaders work towards their dreams and goals, successfully.


Coach Ambassadors, Selena Gomez and Michael B. Jordan , worked as “honorary dream directors” while visiting schools throughout the year to work with students, as well.

“Young people have shown us that they are capable of extraordinary things,” said Margaret Coady, executive director of the Coach Foundation, in an interview. “We are excited to support and raise awareness of The Future Project’s work at a moment when so many young people are ready to take action on their vision of a better tomorrow, for themselves and for the world.”

In addition to this initiative, the Coach Foundation also donated $1.4 million to further support The Future Project’s efforts to provide Dream Directors nationwide.

Since then, the Coach Foundation has continuously supported The Future Project as promised. And they aren’t even close to done.

On February 8th, Coach released a limited-edition Dream It Real t-shirt to commemorate their efforts in supporting the next generation of leaders and creators. For every t-shirt purchased by March 8th, 100% of the net profits will be donated to the Coach Dream It Real Fund with CAF America to support a variety of nonprofits across the United States that help younger generations reach success. These nonprofits include but are not limited to Hetrick-Martin Institute, LA Promise Fund, The Door, and UK Youth.

When companies like Coach support the futures of younger generations through education and mentorship, we are investing in not only our future leaders and creators, but our own futures. And because of that, our futures are looking pretty bright.

•To learn more about the Dream It Real initiative, visit WWD, Elle, or The Coach Foundation.•


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