The Beauty of Merchandise

Merchandise is a hook for any brand or icon. YouTubers, brand ambassadors, dance companies, non-profit organizations, and so many other outlets use merchandise as a way to promote and advertise their brands/companies. Therefore, we all know how important it is; especially if it looks nice, is FREE, and available to anyone. People love free things, they love wearing merch, and if they find it worthy enough, they will buy it no matter how expensive it is.

So, how can you design merchandise that will attract the right audience and boost your company? Although it may seem simple, there are many steps which go into designing even a simple shirt. Many shirts are simple and are a solid color with a small logo, but the value of the brand adds weight to it. That leads to the first point, where you have to grow your brand, and make it widespread before designing the merchandise. By expanding the brand and letting people know it exists, you are already getting attention from potential customers who would buy your merch. This is very important as a lot of money goes into the designing process and it’s important to make money from it.
So, step 1 is to figure out the kind of design you want for the shirt, how you want it to look, and why you need a shirt. Then, define your budget and quantity. How much would you be willing to spend on production and what is your goal to raise? How many pieces do you want to produce at once? Next, step 3, is to know your printing options. There are many options including screen printing, vinyl graphics, and direct-to-garment. Then, brainstorm your design concept to understand the t-shirt style you want; the imagery, typography, specialty printing, color, material, etc. Lastly, find a designer or a website which can carry out the process, evaluate the design, and get the shirt printed and delivered!


Merch is a really big promotional strategy for brands, so if you are ever considering starting a brand, make sure it’s something valuable and meaningful to you so that you can put your heart and soul into promotions and merch!

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