Pirate Fantasy?

Remember how in every packaged costume bag that said “Pirate” there was always a big loose fitting shirt with the puffiest sleeves? Well, now that is back in fashion for us who thought it was the best thing ever. No, I did not stutter. Puffy sleeves are back, ladies. The drama of having a sleeve be the same size of your head…exquisite. Puffy sleeve stans arise and be heard at this momentous time.

Outside of my aesthetic need for them, puffy sleeves act as great ways to add more to your silhouette without dragging down your waist section. They bolden your top without the need to cut-out fabric and can add more texture to your look overall. This is great for people who are more pear-shaped since the attention is brought more to your upper half, and this is great for people who would like to dress more modestly while looking fashionable. Plus, who doesn’t want to look like they just walked off the set of Downton Abbey? All-in-all, give these sleeves a try. The best part about this is the sales going on for them too.

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