Depop: Making Sustainability Easy

Photo: Grace Madigan

In times where fast fashion is constantly on the rise, it’s hard to find brands that really care about sustainability that don’t make our wallets cry. If you’re like me, going thrifting can get overwhelming sometimes and you never really know where to look. Depop is an app that makes thrifting and second hand fashion that much easier and your wallet won’t suffer either, so really it’s the best of both worlds. If you haven’t heard of Depop before, consider this a sign to download it ASAP.

Depop has changed the fashion game not only for me but the millions of other users on the platform. The sign up process is incredibly easy, you make an account, select your interests, favorite brands and sizes then you’re all set! Not only can you buy, but you can sell too, Depop allows you to sell your old, lonely clothes that haven’t been touched in ages. The best part about Depop is that you get to search for whatever you want, no sorting through millions of racks and finding brands or sizes you don’t like. It also has some of the coolest reworked and vintage pieces that can become amazing staples in any wardrobe.

The app also allows you to follow certain people if you like their style so you can be the first one to buy when their clothes go on sale. Depop also allows you to sell anything,I have gotten the best layering necklaces and even glassware from them, and they have saved me so much money. Payments are made through either venmo, cash app or paypal, and you can even chat with the seller through the process to make it that much easier. When you goto buy something, you are able to see the size, price, condition and brand and most sellers are open to negotiation as well. Sellers will typically ship to your location unless your local and some may offer to drop the product off. Most of the shops are small and appreciate the business so they occasionally throw in things like scrunchies, stickers and thank you notes to show their gratitude. As a shopping addicted college kid, this app has saved me time and money which is something very valuable these days. Depop is so vast that you will be able to find anything and everything at the touch of your fingertips, making sustainable fashion not only a better option, but the best.

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