2000s Fashion Revival

Photo: Nicole Chiaverini

It’s time to channel your inner Paris Hilton because 2000’s fashion is making a glamorous comeback! As showcased by all of our favorite fashionistas (think Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner), a ton of major Y2K staples are coming back into style. Hate it or love it, the trends are soon to be everywhere. Yes, we’re talking bedazzled, boot-cut, low-rise jeans, the tiniest of sunglasses, and bright sweatsuits galore. It’s time to be as bold as possible with this trend.

That being said, how can you glam up your wardrobe to fit these trends? When it comes to pants, low-cut jeans are making a miraculous return, and I personally never thought I would see the day. Speaking honestly, low-rise jeans terrify me, but they look super cute when styled correctly! And your jeans don’t just have to be basic blues and blacks; glitz it up with some embroidery or bedazzlements on the pockets. Bring on the sparkles!

Pleated skirts are another major trend this Fall, as a lot of us have seen (or even worn them ourselves) with an adorable pullover and collared top moment. Pair that with your favorite chunky gold hoops and you’re a 2000’s icon! Another amazingly simple trend this season: grab your favorite ornate bandana and tie it into your own handkerchief top for an easy and trendy throwback look. 

Photo: Nicole Chiaverini

Personally, when I think Y2K, I envision those stylish lace-trimmed tank tops. Think bright colors, bold designs (animal prints live on another day), and the perfect amount of sparkles and dazzle. And never be afraid to embrace your body and show some skin, especially when you’re trying to recreate your own Britney Spears and Xtina moments! When it comes to the 2000’s revival, don’t resist it, because it’s SO in, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.

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