Fashion In the Face (Mask) of COVID

The past eight months have been an agonizing blur of Netflix binging, sweatpants wearing, unwashed hair with Zoom fatigue sprinkled in for good measure. Long gone are the days of Tiger King and family walks, now, we are simply “living into COVID” *ugh*. While the majority of what our future is going to look like is up in the air, it seems face masks are going to be having their moment for, well, a few more moments. 

My days of picking out the most perfect outfit for dinner with friends or a pairing together even some two-tone denim for an Instagram worthy picture are seemingly paused for the foreseeable future. 

However, the mask market is stepping its’ game up and may be the key to breathing life into my current fashion lull. The thought of throwing one of these gorgeous masks on to swing by Kroger for my weekly grocery pickup makes me begrudge my ever present “maskne” (translation: acne caused by wearing a mask) a little less.

While there is a plethora from face masks to choose from, ranging from single use paper masks to Burberry’s mask of my dreams, the most important thing to consider when mask shopping is safety. Here are some guidelines regarding mask safety.

Without further ado, here is a list of too good to be true masks for every occasion, every price range, and every style!

Everyday Wear:

Kitsch Masks (Pack of 3), $12.00, the perfect color pallet to close out Fall
Bauble Bar Masks (Pack of 3), $16.00, cottage core meets COVID
Old Navy Holiday Masks (Pack of 5), $12.50, holla-daze all day kinda vibe

Business Causal:

Loft Face Masks (Pack of 3), $14.99, fun, flirty, professional
Banana Republic Masks (Pack of 3), $8.99,
muted tones making pairing with blazers a breeze

Splurge Worthy:

JW Anderson Face Mask, $50,
anyone else remember the TikTok challenge to recreate Harry Styles knit cardigan?
JW Anderson is the designer responsible for that quarantine memory,
as he also designed this gorgeous mask
Dolce & Gabbana Mask, $100, regal and timeless

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