Harry Styles & His Infamous Vogue Cover

Harry Styles is known world wide for his famous boyband, solo music and being a worldwide entertainer. He is constantly pushing the boundaries and gender identity making him a world wide phenomenon. He has been been known for bending gender lines and dressing in more “feminine” color palettes or outfits leading him to be known as a fashion icon for this generation. This led him to becoming the face of Vogue’s cover for December not only was he the first make to ever be solo on a cover of Vogue but he is there wearing dresses and more feminine clothing. This has stirred lots of controversy and people speaking out about how they feel while Harry Styles countinues to just be Harry Styles.

While I personally love Harry’s Vogue cover and think it is a perfect example of him and what he has grown to represent it definitely has created a lot of controversy with more “conservative” type celebrities. Candace Owens is a celebrity who has come under a lot fire for shaming Styles for wearing a dress and saying it isn’t “manly” to do so Styles fans came back with much heat to Owens shaming her for her thoughts and asking her why she is so bothered by it. While some celebrities have given Styles slack many celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Logan Paul have come to Styles defense along with hundreds of thousands of his fans.

On the cover, Styles was decked out in blue Gucci gown, fitting since since around 2016 he has been a well known face for the brand. The theme of the cover is more of a victorian era with the photos being taken in an empty field. “Pleated skirts, floaty organza, and a hot pink petticoat were all a part of his photo shoot wardrobe. On the cover, Harry stars in a lace-covered, powder blue Gucci gown, frosted with Victorian-era ruffles and layered underneath a simple black blazer.” Kelsey Stiegman, Seventeen Magazine.

As someone who has been a fan of Styles for years, it has been really amazing to to see him grow and become more comfortable with his gender expression as the years have gone on. Whether it was starting to wear nail polish or wearing colorful suits his style journey is an amazing one to follow throughout the years. Personally I never will understand others judging others for what I wear as if it isn’t on your body it shouldn’t matter. Styles isn’t the only man to bend gender identity many other men from David Bowie to Machine Gun Kelly men and women have grown to become more comfortable in their own skin. I’m Harry won’t be the last famous male to wear a dress and I’m sure his face on the cover of Vogue wearing a dress helped many others be more comfortable in their own skin.

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