Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

I just recently cut 7 inches off of my hair and I’m not used to styling short hair, but I never realized how easy it really is! Some people tend to think that short hair can restrict them from hairstyles but there are endless possibilities! Even though these looks are minimal, it spices up the average straight hair look. For all of these hairstyles all you need is a comb and small clear elastic bands. I find that the clear bands are great for these hairstyles because they can tie the smallest braid and they aren’t too noticeable in the hair. There are also so many other hairstyles out there to try, but these are two of my favorites…

For this hairstyle I started by brushing my hair out (of course) and parting it in the middle . I then took two small pieces of hair that frame my face and did a classic braid. The trick is to make these two pieces the smallest around your face. I then gathered a larger section of hair on the side and did a class braid again. Lastly, I loosened the braids to make it look less structured and completed with hair spray to lock in any fly away hairs. I think this hairstyle is fun and different and it literally took 5 minutes to do! I could totally see myself wearing this out or for future festival hair.

For this hairstyle I kept my hair parted in the middle and sectioned the top half of my hair. I then (with a comb) took out two small pieces of hair to frame my face. Then grabbed the elastics and made little pony tails. To heighten the pony tails you just have to tighten each pony! This hairstyle is by fair the easiest to do and my personal favorite.

For now I don’t have any hair accessories with me, but here are a couple more hairstyles that are just as fun! It’s so funny that I would wear hair clips like this when I was young and now I find myself wearing them in my 20s, but I love the way you can style them! In this picture she had her hair in a middle part and just took those same two front pieces I showed you and clipped them back. Not only is this so cute, but it is also functional with keeping your hair out of your face all day! For the second look, if you know how to french braid your own hair this style is just as simple. I’m not the best at french braiding my own hair personally, but if you have a friend or the skill, go for it! I feel like this hairstyle is a step up from the basic pigtails and puts a mature twist to the classic braid.

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