Layering Fashionably

By Nicole Chiaverini

Layering has taken reign as a trendy and fashionable way to stay warm and cozy, but it can be difficult to find it as simple as it truly is. Take a look in your own wardrobe and you will find SO many pieces that you can double up to create a chic and effortless look that is both sustainable and warm for the winter! Layering, at its core, is purposeful and functionable. However, too many bulky layers may leave you feeling confined and constricted, or feeling as if you look like a marshmallow.

Moving forward, layering doesn’t have to feel constraining, and it’s the perfect way to spice up your outfits without spending the extra money. Plus, you will get all the use you want out of a single staple clothing item! My #1 tip for not feeling bulky: start thin and work your way out. Think a thin turtleneck with a sweater layered on top, and then possibly a longer trench coat or leather jacket over that. This way, you will have a cozy and stunning look that doesn’t feel like too much.

By Nicole Chiaverini

During this Fall and Winter, layering trends have certainly been picking up. Personally, I’ve been seeing sweaters and sweatshirts layered over collared shirts everywhere. (Pro tip: if you don’t think it’s cold enough to wear a full collared top or  if it feels too bulky, you can buy detachable collars off of Amazon!) And for the past couple of years, turtlenecks have been all the rage! You can opt to wear thicker turtlenecks with a longer jacket over it, or wear thinner turtlenecks with a simple graphic tee or sweaters layered on top. 

Speaking of trends, the sweater vest is back and better. I have been seeing them all over my Instagram and Pinterest, layered on top of turtlenecks and collared tops. You can buy tighter ones or looser ones, or cropped ones and oversized ones. Really, when it comes to layering, anything works. What’s really important is wearing what YOU feel confident in. Think about what makes you feel glamorous, and always check your own wardrobe before going out to buy new pieces. 

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