Different Ways to Wear Red

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As we all know, red anything red is quite the fashion statement. Red, for the vast majority of us, is connected with a specific confidence, maybe a small trace of seductiveness or a class; think about the ideal red dress at the Christmas celebration, cute red boots on a plain outfit, or the ideal red lipstick to get you through the Christmas season. No big surprise that endless women need to wear it, although many are frustrated, saying that they “can’t pull off red” in the attempt of one not having an equal balance of cool and warm tones. 

With many women thinking this, there are ways to figure out which red will truly look best on you. Figuring out how to pick out your form of red won’t make you put your best self forward, however enhance your closet, giving you the mix and match potential you’ve generally needed. Since Winter is among us, I will be explaining the best reds to wear during this season. Winter reds are profound and bright, from vibrant red to the red wine shades. Types of red shading shading is your companion. Think about the bright lipsticks you likely tried on while trying to pick your color – you don’t need your reds to be blurred and wishy washy. In your central goal of a good pop color, don’t be tempted into more reds that have orange in them, which will give your skin a weird color. 

Although I have been describing ways you can dress up the color red, you can also dress down the color. As shown in my photo above, red leggings are being worn with air forces and carhart jackets. During the week with classes, you don’t really feel up to dressing nice all the time. It’s important that no matter what you’re wearing, you always look at least somewhat put together. Red leggings paired with a navy blue winter jacket is the best way to wear the color of the season in a more relaxed way. Just like leggings, you could also wear red on another staple item of clothing or shoes such as jackets, headbands, sneakers, or tops. It’s important to always have one bright color in the mixture of all your neutral colors you may be wearing. 

As I mentioned above, it’s quite easy to dress down the color red in leggings. If you were to be wearing black leggings, you could also wear red in the form of sneakers or a sweatshirt. As fun as red is, it’s also important to not wear too much of it at once. A red sweatshirt on black leggings and red sneakers might look a little too matchy-matchy, and with as bright as red is, it’s always smart to keep it down to one bright piece of red in your outfit. Red is one color that never fails to disappoint us, because it can be worn at any time of the year. Take the time to try and incorporate red and other bright colors into what you’re wearing!

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