Gifts Under $30

There’s 8 days till Christmas! That means you might be a little stressed out by this point if you haven’t went Christmas shopping for your loved ones yet. You’re totally not the only one feeling this way especially during the craziness of this year. Or you might be just really unsure what to get that female friend/figure in your life because you wanna get it just right! I work in retail and constantly see people checkout and get a Christmas bag with the typical candle, mug, and candy/coffee and call it a day with their gift. And while that is honestly the easiest way to do it, I think finding more personal gifts that people will really love and enjoy can be just as easy. Below are some gift ideas that I have either gifted to my friends or family or have received myself. It’s even better that they are all in an average price range that can be adjusted to any budget if you are looking to spend more or less!

1. Clocking Rack

First gift is definitely for the friend that really loves fashion and style. I personally got a clothing rack for Christmas last year by a friend and I use it everyday for functionality and aesthetic in my room. I’ve always seen girls on Instagram use their clothing rack as more of a decoration for their room or exhibit of their clothing. I love having my clothing rack to have my favorite seasonal pieces out and easy for me to grab when I’m in a rush. I always think it’s so cute to design your clothing rack. For example, having a color or pattern scheme to the clothing pieces that are together on the rack that way it still looks put together and organized in your room, because you definitely don’t want to bring the messiness in your closet out into your room. Clothing rack prices can vary but many are priced at $29.99 on like the one below.

2. Beauty Value Sets

For anyone that you know that loves skincare, hair, or makeup they would use and cherish a value set any-day. It’s always fun to try new products, but it’s not fun to drop a-lot of money in order to try them, get the full size product, and then potentially not even like it. So, value sets are always a great gift to give to your beauty junkie friend because they are able to try so many products for free! The sets below are from Sephora and each sets price can vary depending on what’s in them and the brand of course. On Sephora’s website they have a specific section for gift sets that are under $25, so that is really helpful as well! You can also find other value sets at Ulta and other brick and mortar stores if you are shopping near Blacksburg. I recently bought a skincare set with 7 different products included for only $16.99 at Target!

3. Staple & Simple Jewelry

You might be thinking that jewelry is such an obvious gift to give to someone, but I think it’s really special when you gift a jewelry piece that is simple and wearable for everyday. Depending on where you shop, you can get so many necklaces to layer, earrings, and ring sets, but I suggest getting a piece that is not cheap material and won’t tarnish with time. On you can find a variety of sterling silver pieces that won’t turn your neck and fingers green like the cheap jewelry you usually find at stores. Sterling silver has a lifetime of durability which makes it a great gift for someone you love! A helpful hint when shopping for sterling silver jewelry that I’ve learned from retail, is that pieces that are sterling silver will have the number 925 on the label, which is the minimum millesimal fineness of sterling silver.

4. Pajama Set

I don’t know about anyone else, but I honestly don’t have a pajama set that I wear every night. Usually I just throw on a t-shirt and shorts and go to bed, but I’ve personally always thought that pajama sets are super cozy and would make you feel put together even before bed. There’s many pajama set styles out there for every person, but I think that silk pajama sets and ones with Modal/Spandex material are the most comfortable and cute to wear. This set I saw at Target the other day for $29.99, made out of 95% Modal and 5% Spandex, which makes it really soft and lightweight like the Skims pajamas that everyone is raving about.

5. Wine Cooler

For your friend/ family member that is 21 or older this a great gift that they will use frequently if they are wine lovers. A lot of people like their wine chilled, so this gift is great for someone that enjoys hosting wine nights and would like to keep the bottle out for accessibility while also keeping it cold. This marble one is unique because the properties of marble naturally help keep wine cool, so while its really cute it is also functional as well. This wine cooler specifically is from Crate & Barrel for $29.95, but other wine coolers range around this price.

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