The Rise and Downfall of Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans is a recognizable name with a recognizable style that went with it. Everyone all over the country exclusively wore skinny jeans from 2014-2017 and it was hard to imagine any other type of jean becoming popular. Over time it seems skinny jeans has become less and less popular to the point they have even become “cancelled.”

Photo from Sarah Golliver

While skinny jeans were all the rage it’s not new information that as time goes on so do trends for fashion. Skinny jeans were everywhere and everyone wore them until a new style came into the light. The return of the “retro” fashion became huge a few year ago with the return of trends like scrunchies, biker shorts, tiny sunglasses and most importantly mom jeans. Mom jeans are almost the polar opposite of the skinny jean they remain tight around the waist, however they are baggy on the thighs and legs. They show off a bagger silhouette compared the the leg hugging and tight skinny jean.

Slowly wearing cropped tops or tighter shirts with bagger mom jeans became all the rage and the main trend and slowly skinny jeans became another fashion fad. While skinny jeans are still worn, they definitely aren’t as popular as they once were. People tend to shy away from the skinny tight fitting look for something bagger.

Photo from Sarah Golliver

It’s not just that skinny jeans aren’t worn as much anymore, but that they have almost become “cancelled.” Many users on Tiktok have taken to the platform to roast and share their disgust over skinny jeans. People have come to the platform talking about how they forgot about skinny jeans or how they loose confidence with not wearing a bagger style jean. Some have even said, “wearing skinny jeans pains me” or “I can’t believe we used to wear skinny jeans.”

While skinny jeans may not be as popular as they used to be, in no means are they completely “cancelled.” Just like the mom jean has risen and fallen throughout the years in style it can be expected for the skinny jean to do the same and I would be surprised if it’s popular resurfaced in a few years.

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