Winter Must-Haves

As we start approaching the bitter cold season, it’s time to start bundling up and staying warm while still looking stylish. Winter fashion has been a long-time favorite of mine because of all the different pieces that can form an outfit; it’s all about layering! In this article, I’ll be listing specific clothing pieces and details that I believe are perfect to have in a winter wardrobe.

Knit Sweaters/Sweater Vests

What’s been getting all the hype lately are knit sweaters and sweater vests, especially ones with abstract designs and patterns. They’re perfect for layering, but they can also be beautiful statement pieces on their own and still keep you cozy on slightly warmer days.

Earth Tones

Although earth tones aren’t a specific type of clothing that can keep you warm this season, I think they’re the best color palette for the winter. The muted and tranquil colors remind me of what winter looks and feels like. The season has gloomy, grey days, bare, brown trees, faded green grass, and tinted blue snow. Earth tones have also become very popular these past few months.

Lounge Wear

The easiest and most comfortable way to keep warm this season while still looking fashionable is lounge wear. For those days where you just don’t feel like rummaging through the closet to find an outfit, being able to throw a sweat suit on with a jacket and some accessories gets the job done nicely.

Jackets, Coats, and More Jackets!

Obviously, the most essential part to any cozy, winter outfit is a jacket. I would say the most popular go-to coats this season are puffer jackets, trench coats, leather blazers, and shackets. No need to say anymore, they speak for themselves.

Knee High Boots

For those of you who don’t get too bothered by the cold, (I applaud you) and still want to wear dresses and skirts this season, knee high boots are absolutely gorgeous when worn right and will at least keep half of your legs warm!

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