3 Words: The Velour Tracksuit.

In my opinion the Juicy Couture tracksuit was the most defining moment of 21st century fashion. There, I said it. It was one of the first true loungewear sets that I remember. I used to wear my tracksuit to Limited Too with white bedazzled sunglasses and do some SERIOUS damage. While we have come so far in fashion from that time, I still love to reminisce. I have fond memories of seeing Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton in their bright colored tracksuits carrying their matching limited edition LV bags. Now THAT is hot.

In 2017, I was a freshman writing for VT VOGUE, and I wrote an entire article on why we as the female population need to bring back the Juicy Couture tracksuit. Aside from being a full Kardashian stan, I have no one but Miss Kimberly Noel Kardashian West to THANK for singlehandedly reinventing the velour tracksuit. I had just woken up, doing my morning scroll through Instagram when I saw her shapewear brand, SKIMS, announce they were launching velour tracksuits on none other than Kim’s 40th birthday. The most iconic part of the launch was that Kim and Paris recreated their paparazzi photos from the early 2000s, matching Louis’ and all. BTW, anyone know how I could get my hands on a bag like that? Asking for a friend.

Immediately, I took to my nightly news platform (my private snap story where I discuss the latest in pop culture) and announced that no matter the price, I WILL be getting my hands on a tracksuit. I set a reminder in my phone for 10 minutes before launch time, so I made sure I was logged onto SKIMS and ready to go. What I like about Kim’s tracksuits is she designed them to fit fashion today. If she were to launch a line of velour in bright colors like Juicy had in 2000, it would not have had as much success. Fashion is always changing, and if you want to bring back a trend, you have to make sure it adapts to today’s fashion climate.

The SKIMS velour tracksuit comes in 4 neutral colors: honey, sienna, smoke and amethyst. There are also 2 different styles of pants available: wide leg and joggers. For me, being 5’2” on a good day, the joggers are the way to go. Along with the jacket and pants, you can complete the look with either a velour bandeau top or a velour crewneck tank. If you are REALLY feeling the velour, there is a robe available as well.

Fast forward the launch day, I sat in my kitchen and hesitantly pressed ‘complete order’ because if my parents knew how much I spent on that tracksuit they would have closed my bank account, like immediately. Regardless of the price, I was all smiles because I was one step closer to living my 2000s Kim and Paris fantasy.

I purchased the sweatshirt and joggers in amethyst and like not to be dramatic, but it is the comfiest loungewear set that I own. Also, s/o my aunt for getting me the halter tank for Christmas so my set is now complete. The velour is a fleecy, plush, buttery soft material. I put it on and did a fashion show for my roommate who hyped me up. I also took a picture for my Instagram story and yes, SKIMS DID reply to my story and I might’ve shed a tear or two.

Before my tracksuit arrived, I had visions of recreating Kim K’s 2000s photoshoot, but in my own way. Over winter break, I made my best friend come over and help me make my vision to come to life. I put my little, white dog in my LV, grabbed my pink Motorola razor and climbed on top of my mom’s Mercedes. It was awesome. In the back of my mind, I hoped SKIMS would see my post and be like “we must add her to our PR list” but instead they just commented heart emojis, which I did scream about. To this day, I think that is the most iconic photoshoot I have done.

As I conclude this post, I want to tell all of you to go out and live your fantasy, no matter what that is. Oh, and if anyone gets mad at you for spending that money, blame me. BTW, is it obvious that I really miss the 2000s?

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