Your Comfort Zone is Killing You

It’s far too often I hear people talk about fashion trends or clothing in general and end the sentence with “but I could never pull that off” or “I wish I could look good in that.” Let me tell you something, the only thing that is stopping you from wearing those funky fits or wearing a new style is you! Your comfort zone is the only thing that is going to stop you from breaking that wall and feeling great. The truth is, you never know unless you try and the only way to try is to just take the leap and eliminate your comfort zone completely.

This weekend I wore low-rise jeans, which sounds rather normal, but it is easier said than done. As young adults we all struggle with body image and the thought that my entire stomach would be out was daunting for me, but I realized the only person telling me I couldn’t wear them was myself. I stared in the mirror for a solid half hour sucking in, letting it out, trying to see how I can try to “pull off” these pants. Something hit me and I came to the conclusion that my body wasn’t the thing stopping me from wearing them, it was my mind. I gathered up the courage to wear them out and felt so good about myself knowing that my vision of me wasn’t just an opinion that mattered, it was the ONLY one that mattered. Stepping out of my comfort zone instilled so much self-confidence knowing that I can wear anything I want because at the end of the day you are your own worst critic.

The thing about confidence, is that the saying “fake it ’til you make it” is 100% true. If you walk into a room with the mindset that you are being your best self inside and out, eventually you will be. Once you are confident within yourself and leave your comfort zone behind you will be so amazed at what you can achieve. I encourage you all to be confidant, spread confidence and never let yourself stop you from doing what you want. If you play it small you’re going to stay small, so do not be afraid to take that risk. If you think it’ll make people talk, let them talk. You either have to be loud or you’ll go unheard. Wear the thing that you don’t know will work, do the makeup look that you think is “too out there” but most importantly do the things that scare you most and do them confidently.

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