Valentine’s Day Looks

Valentine’s day is meant to be a joyful celebration of the love in your life and in your heart, whether it be romantic or not. No matter what you’ll be up to this Valentine’s day, it’s ideal to feel confident in whatever you choose to wear and accesorize with. After all, what you wear is just as important as what you do. There are so many different ways you can spruce up your look for Valentine’s day without falling into cliches or wearing outfits that may feel overdone, but the only person who needs to love your look is yourself!

Pink and red tones are perfect for this holiday, as always. However, you don’t have to wear either color to be a part of the Valentine’s day spirit. If pink and red aren’t your style, you can opt for heart patterns or incorporate pink or red into your accessories rather than your clothing! Silk and satin are amazing textures and materials for this holiday, so feel free to wear them in any color; perhaps with a maxi skirt or a slip dress layered with a sweater.

Right in the middle of February, this day will be pretty cold for many of us. Because of that, it is ideal to pair your outfit with a long, warm coat. A fuzzy jacket would be perfect for this, just the same as a trench coat or a puffer jacket! When it comes to shoes, any heel would be beautiful for the occasion, but a pair of platform ankle boots or block heels are a great way to incorporate the current trends into your look.

For those of you who may be staying in, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. There are a ton of lovely loungewear sets to choose from that will help you feel the holiday spirit, such as comfortable pink fuzzy sets or red satin pajamis! If you’re looking to purchase an outfit this Valentine’s day, ASOS, Lucy in the Sky, Fashion Nova, and Pretty Little Thing have amazing options, whether you plan to dress comfortably or get all dolled up. 

As for makeup, a red or pink lip is a Valentine’s day classic. You can opt to keep your makeup simple with a pop of color, or choose to do a winged eyeliner look with some sparkly shadow. No matter what you choose to wear this Valentine’s Day, remember that the most important form of love is self-love. Wear whatever makes YOU feel the best on this special holiday!

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