How to Stay Chic in the Winter

Let’s talk about cold weather fashion. We’re talking Blacksburg, Virginia COLD, snowed-in kind of cold. I think we all have those days where we just want to throw on our favorite sweats and go about our day. For me, I always run into a dilemma when it’s super cold out. I want to be stylish but not look like a giant puffball of layers like Ralphie from The Christmas Story. The truth is, there are so many ways to stay chic in extremely low temperatures, and options to stay fashionable when it’s cold – you just have to know what to look for. Below, I’m going to cover some fashion tips to help you stay both warm AND stylish when dressing for cold weather.

#1: Start with a Great Base Layer

Base layers for winter are essential. I know it sounds silly, but think of getting dressed for a day in the city as you would for a day skiing at Wintergreen. Start with a thermal base layer that can be worn either hidden or out in the open. Just add your look for the day over the thin layer, whether it’s a sweater or a dress, that reveals some of the base layer’s color or pattern. 

 #2: Layering and Playing with Silhouettes

The outer layer is going to be what makes or breaks your outfit. Finishing your look with either a cropped or longline silhouette is a really chic choice because it’s the first thing people see. A longline jacket is going to allow more flexibility in your look. For example, you could even wear sweatpants or something more casual underneath and your look will still be fashionable (win, win right?). 

Try a belted silhouette…

An easy way to highlight the natural contours of your body is to search for pieces that have functional trims at the waist. Wearing a belt over a coat or blazer naturally cinches in the waist and also improves the fit of the look. Creating a flattering silhouette in the cold weather can be hard. Wearing a jacket with a seam built into the outer layer offers a natural contour to the body because it hugs your chest and waist, giving you an hourglass shape. 

#3: Use Your Turtleneck as a Statement Layer

Despite the freezing cold temperatures and dark evenings, this time of year does not mean you have to compromise your style. You guessed it – turtlenecks have become a vital part of our wardrobes once again. There are multiple ways to incorporate statement pieces into your winter outfits! Try sneaking a turtleneck under a button-up shirt or wrap jacket to put a modern spin on a practical classic. For winter nights out, try layering a thin black turtleneck under your favorite mini dress. This look is easy, warm, and extra-chic! You can experiment in your closet with everything from simple shift dresses to silk slips.

#4: Fur Trims and Coats

What’s soft, cozy, and fashionable all at the same time? Faux fur! While it has never really gone out of style, faux fur is back this winter in fresh, stylish ways that are going to make your outfits pop. There’s no denying that faux fur almost always looks luxurious and expensive, which elevates even the simplest clothing and accessories. Many winter weather fashion pieces also incorporate fur trims for extra warmth. Fur trims are easy to incorporate in outerwear, making your look more attention-grabbing and stylish. We usually see fur trims on the lining of hoods but sometimes on boots, gloves, and purses as well.

By Madison Roche

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