Fashion Trends I Think Will Happen in 2021

2020 was a year full of ups and downs in all kinds of life but overall it was a big push forward in fashion. We saw the 90’s come back in full force from flannels, bucket hats and biker shorts. 2020 changed fashion to more streetwear style and embracing the comfort in fashion as we all experienced much more time staying at home. 2021 is just starting but I have predictions about what is going to stick and become the face of fashion in 2021.

The first thing that is already on the rise but that will fully take over 2021 is the color brown. Brown has slowly started to make it’s comeback in the later section of 2020 but it really is shining in 2021. Brown was always a color people avoid, everyone used to say it didn’t go with anything and now people are making outfits based on that color. I predict brown to be a staple color just as much as black in everyone’s closet in 2021.

The next big trend I see for 2021 is the checker board pattern. Animal print has truly become the go to patterns in 2021 from cow print (my personal favorite), snake print and even leopard print making a comeback. While animal print has truly had it’s time in the sun people are always obsessing over the next new pattern and I believe it will be checker print. Flannel is already in and in big and checker is just a different way to style plaid. You can have so many color and shape variations of plaid and I think a plaid cropped top could work with any type of outfit. With summer 2021 soon approaching I can see many new checkered items being sold in stores

Lastly, the other big trend I see coming back is puffier sleeves. I’m not talking about an extreme puff but a little volume added to a shirt to give a simple shirt some pizazz. We have already seen puffy sleeves making a slow comeback. In fashion lately, we have embraced baggy tops and baggy shirts worn together and not always having to have one part of your outfit being tightly fitted. Baggy sleeves can offer a different silhouette and add interesting angles to your outfit. I see these being very popular next winter to keep a classier but relaxed winter look.

While the future is unknown, it is exciting to imagine what trends we all will be following next.

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