Amping Up Your Everyday Style

The pressure of looking “trendy” everyday is hard to keep up with. Wearing sweats everyday can definitely sound like the ideal uniform, especially when there’s not much to do these days. Being comfy and looking on trend is so much easier than you think, and amping up your day-to-day style comes so easy when all the little things add up.

First off, nails. Having your nails done (or doing them yourself if you’re broke like me) is such an easy way to give your look a final touch. There is so many ways you can do your nails especially with pinterest as inspiration these days. I personally like to get the glue-on nails from CVS and paint over them myself, I think it’s such a fun way to experiment with different looks on your nails.

Second, adding chunky jewelry to any outfit, especially sweatshirts, can transform your pajamas into a trendy streetwear look. It’s so easy to just add a bit of layered necklaces or earrings to really take your look from boring to memorable. My favorite way to do this is by getting layered necklaces that are all one necklace, it makes it super easy to just throw on everyday.

My last favorite little trick is to add a puffer to any sweatsuit/ yoga set. Throwing on my black leather puffer or really any oversized jacket always makes my outfits feel a bit more stylish and such an easy way to get that hypebeast look while still being able to be in loungewear. I typically pair it with a cropped basic tank/tee or sweatshirt if it’s on the colder side.

These small little hacks can be such a great way to effortlessly look trendy and put together while also being in your favorite pajamas. There’s so many little ways to amp up your wardrobe by just picking out the right accessories and pairings! Especially during the pandemic, when going out to even get groceries feels like a luxury, adding these little touches can make your style memorable.

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