Hand me downs: A way of life

Growing up, it’s easier to get hand me downs rather than constantly purchasing new clothes. A hand me down is something you inherit from someone else after they no longer need or want it. When I was younger, I’d never want to wear my siblings’ old clothing. I was constantly wanting new stuff, but when you’re growing it doesn’t really make sense to be getting clothing. Having cheap kids clothing that they’ll not be able to wear that much is almost equivalent to fast fashion. 

As we all know, fast fashion is really bad for the environment. We all need to work together to prevent the landfills from being covered with wasteful clothing. A big way to prevent this is hand me downs. Me being 19 years old, I still wear clothes given to me. Wearing my mom’s clothing makes me feel closer to her and a lot of the time it’s quite vintage and on trend for the 21st century. As pictured above, everything she is wearing is hand me downs from her mom. Ways to also make yourself more appealing to wear older clothing is the way you rework them. For instance, if you were to get a pair of old levi jeans with holes in the wrong placement, you could cut patterned cloth from another old shirt and sew on patches. You will then have your own, original, reworked jeans. 

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