Styling Leather Pants

I’ve always loved leather and how it can make an outfit go from causal into a spunky/grungy vibe. What I love even more is a classic pair of leather leggings and pants. I’m all about being comfortable and wearing graphic t-shirts, but there’s something that makes an outfit look 10 times better once you throw some leather pants on. With that being said, I created a few different looks revolving around leather pants to show you all how versatile they can be in your wardrobe! While all of these looks incorporate my own style, you will see that leather pants can be dressed up or down. Either way, you need to get a staple pair of leather pants ASAP for your closet!

Office Look

Yeah yeah I know you obviously can’t wear a tube top in a professional setting, but for this styling purpose why not. For this look I wore leather trousers and paired it with a black tube top, but a tucked in neutral turtleneck would definitely make the outfit more wearable for work! I then paired it with a gray plaid blazer that I am absolutely obsessed with and actually wore to an interview once. To draw away from all the black tones going on I slipped on my favorite pair of white barbie boots (as I like to call them). And lastly added some nude accessories to stabilize the look with tortoise shell glasses and my nude Valentina bag. Not Valentino I know, but your girl is on a budget.

Winter Look

I think we forget that you can be fashionable and not freezing, so for this look luckily my leather trousers have some fleece lining in them. I then wanted to bring a pop of color to the outfit, so I wore a neon lime green turtleneck from Aerie tucked into the pants. To finish it off I continued the color blocking with a white puffer jacket and my white platform Docs! It’s overall a really easy look, but looks like I tried way harder.

Everyday Look

For this third look I kept going with the neutrals again, but this time with zip up leather leggings from Target! The oversized sweater I’m wearing is actually a sweater from the plus section at TJMaxx that I bought to wear as a sweater dress. For this look though I took a hooped chain belt and tightened it around my waist and bunched the sweater up to make it a comfy look. I then paired it with my basic black Doc’s, but I also think thigh high boots or any other booties would look super cute as well. It’s really all about taking pieces from your closet and experimenting around!

Casual Look

For this last look and honestly my fav one because it’s the most comfortable, I pulled out one of my favorite graphic tees and dressed it up a bit. Once again with the leather leggings and my Doc Martens because they are the comfiest to walk in (when broken it). Since I bought this graphic tee to be a little oversized I tucked a portion of it into the leggings so it didn’t look like I had clothing draped all over me. I then brought the light neutrals back into the mix with a button down dress worn like a cardigan and my nude purse again! Looks like I tried harder right?

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