My Favorite TikTok Fashion Trends

TikTok is an app that has taken over the nation and is something that people watch every single day. From cooking tutorials, makeup videos, and even dance videos it has everything you would want to look for. One of my favorite sections is definitely the fashion side of TikTok. I love seeing girls thrift for things and coming back with amazing finds, or wearing outfits I could even dream of pulling off. While some outfits I’m not sure I’d ever wear somethings have opened open fashion trends that I’m obsessed with.

The first trend that TikTok started that I am obsessed with is cow print. Animal patterns have come back in full swing all of 2020 but my personal favorite has been cow print. I love that you can do the traditional black and white color scheme or add fun colors to it as well. This trend even expanded to cow print nails, walls, bags and so much more. Every time I see someone wearing cow print it just makes me feel happy and it’s my favorite TikTok fashion trend.

Another one of my favorite TikTok trends being brought back is bucket hats (especially cow print ones!) I have always loved bucket hats and even owned one when I was in high school but was always scared I’d look silly wearing one. Seeing other people so confidently wearing them and looking amazing while doing them has made me confident enough to wear them myself. They can make a simple outfit more fun and can be worn any season. I’m always a huge fan of 90’s fashions coming back in anyway so this one is definitely a favorite of mine.

My last favorite fashion I’ve seen is absolutely fun shaped sun glasses. While tiny glasses were already the big thing before TikTok, the app has really helped promote buying glasses of all shapes and sizes. TikTok has really brought in square sunglasses which I love to wear because in my opinion you can never have enough sunglasses, I’d have a pair for every outfit if I could. Fun sunglasses can make a simple outfit exciting or make for easy and cute Instagram photos and I love adding new sunglasses to my collection all the time.

I don’t see TikTok stopping anytime soon and only see the fashion trends it creates getting more out there and slowly making everyone more comfortable in their own sense of style and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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