Nike’s Coffee Collection and The Neutral Trend

Nike recently announced their latest collection and it has easily become one of the most hyped up ones yet. It is personally my favorite so far and cannot wait to get my hands on it. The collection has a series of sneakers and each one has different hues of brown intermixed. The way the neutrals all work together to create such a classic and versatile look is what gets me so excited and what makes them so appealable. Nike is also offering this neutral dream palette in three styles: Mid-Blazer, Air Max Verona’s and Air Force 1’s. The great thing about this collection is each sneaker has it’s own hue of brown. Right now, the release date is unknown but definitely be on the lookout, this is something you will not want to miss.

Seeing the rise of brown lately is really showing how neutrals don’t always have to be considered boring or drab. There are so many shades of brown and neutral tones that can compliment any maximalist design as well as flow with a minimalistic look. Pairing different hues of the same color is also a key way to keep neutrals in the look while avoiding being “boring”.

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