Adopting the Cottagecore Trend

The pandemic has brought out all kinds of new trends and fashion subcultures that serve as a sort of escape from all of the chaos. Lengthy prairie dresses, neutrals, pastels, gingham, and puffy sleeves have all been put on a bright display in the Cottagecore fashion trend that has been circling since the Spring quarantine. Whether you see it as a fashion subculture or a dreamy lifestyle, there is no doubt that the Cottagecore movement has been extremely popularized in the past few months.

The Cottagecore fashion style has a magical aesthetic about it, and because of that, it has been enhanced in many’s closets as a creative way to express themselves during the isolation the pandemic has brought us. Similar to an eighteenth or nineteenth century fashion sense, the Cottagecore trend incorporates design features such as corsets, prairie dresses, knits, and more. Models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid had even tried out the fashion subcultures themselves, as they could be seen wearing cowboy boots and animal prints in the midst of quarantine. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, has really taken this trend to another level by not only adopting it in her fashion and lifestyle, but by creating music that truly brings out the aesthetic we’re looking for.

The subculture appears very dreamy, nostalgic, and idealistic, but it truly brings out a simpler aesthetic more than anything. Many of the designs used in these Cottagecore outfits can be reminiscent of the 1970s, as they incorporate patchwork, quilting, and knits. With everything being said, anyone can create their own Cottagecore look by simply channeling a whimsical sense, and throwing on a long, flowy dress with vintage accessories. A lot of these beautiful clothing designs can be found in many thrift stores (a great way to shop as sustainably as possible!), as well as on Depop.

The fashion style goes along with a lifestyle as well, that can similarly serve as a refuge from the craziness the past year has brought us. Picnicking, farming, and spending time in nature are all ideal activities to take part in with the Cottagecore trend. Think of it as expressing yourself in the creative way you desire to, while also giving yourself a break from the current times and embracing the nostalgia and magic of simpler days!

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