Taking Photos in Unconventional places

In this day in age, social media seems to be everything. For girls especially, making sure to constantly be updating your instagram, buying outfits to take pictures, and keeping everyone up to date. 

While picking out a place to take pictures is always fun, it’s important to keep in mind how much attention you want to be drawn to your pictures. Most love to go to parking garages, sunsets, and places with cool paint in the background. Taking photos in places that would be unexpected will also make a picture look cool as well. 

All pictures face the same problem — everything’s been done before. You may have your own way of how you want a picture to look, but if you were to look up a picture of an eye, every single picture would be different from one another, and it’s up to the person to pick out which one they like best. With the amount of people posting on instagram all over the world, some like to think about ways that their posts can stand out from others. The quality of the photo doesn’t always matter, it’s just the way you know how to pose and the background. 

For example, when scrolling through photos, the ones that will catch my eyes the most are the ones taken in places that I never would’ve thought to do. You want the audience to look at the photo and think “wow, I would’ve never thought to have taken photos there,” which makes yours so unusual. 

The way you take pictures is also how you represent yourself as a person. For instance, someone that was to take a more casual approach to their instagram feed probably wants to take a different route than someone who doesn’t post often, but when they do, it’s clearly a more planned post. Everyone is different, and it’s all based on the person. Your social media is supposed to represent you and how you want to portray your life.

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