Taking Control of Your Life

Hello Hello. I know we have all been at a point in our lives where we felt lost. Right now, most of us are studying hard for our futures, getting the expected grades we need, and turning all the assignments in on time. But, we can all still feel lost in it all, and that’s what I’m hear to talk about.

Quarantine hit us all hard in different ways, but I think for me I lost my motivation and my passion. I felt that if I didn’t get this job or that internship, I would be worthless at the end of the day. But, one day I was scrolling through Instagram and I found this page of a girl named Bianca Rodriguez (@bianca_j). Right away I loved her aesthetic and style, and I also loved that she is on the thicker side, like me, but embraced it. I then reached out to her and told her how much of an inspiration she was to me and she explained her journey to finding herself and her passion. She said a year ago she moved to NY to pursue a career in fashion, and no one wanted to hire her. She then worked a little job for the rest of the year, but then one day quit that job and took the risk to become a full time influencer. She started with 7k followers and after deciding to pursue it seriously she reached 22k in just 2 months.

Now, it’s not about the followers, the views, and the likes. It’s about saying screw the path I think I need to be on, or the steps everyone tells you that you need to take. It’s about stepping out and doing something that you love and will make you happy. It’s the power of passion. It can get you up in the morning and it can bring you the happiness that life was destined to give you.

So, in my depressive slump and lost soul, I told myself “you know I have always wanted to share my style publicly”, but for some reason fear and anxiety always would hold be back. I took the step just 3 weeks ago and made my own fashion page, and the amount of support and kind messages uplifted me. So here’s my story, so make yours.

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