Eco-Friendly Beauty Hacks

With CVS makeup and big retail shops being the most convenient options for most, finding something that is both eco-friendly and affordable can be tough. Although, there are so many simple hacks you can add into your everyday beauty routine that don’t break the bank and help you live more sustainably.

One of my favorite makeup hacks is getting a “makeup eraser” and using an oil to take off my makeup rather than using makeup wipes. Makeup wipes create so much waste, so swapping out those for a reusable cloth (I got mine at Target) that you can throw in the wash helps you eliminate all that excess trash.

Another great way to save money on beauty products is to swap our eyebrow gel and shaving cream for simple bar soap. Wasting all of that money and plastic for shaving cream cans and eyebrow gel canisters can add up over time. For brow gel, I just use a simple spoolie and rub it on the bar soap and it holds my brows in place all day, it’s great. Shaving cream can also seem necessary, but bar soap actually gives the area your shaving a much more solid coat and makes your skin even softer.

One of my favorite eco-friendly beauty brands is Love, Beauty and Planet, they’re so reasonably priced and can be found at CVS, Target or pretty much anywhere. They have such a great range of products and ensure that they’re brand is 100% recyclable. Loli skincare is also a great brand that uses all organic ingredients and 100% recycled packaging. My favorite product from them is the matcha-coconut paste, it makes your skin feel so refreshed.

Sustainability isn’t perfect, but we can try every day to do a little bit and eventually we can get the hang of it! Try to implement something sustainable into your everyday routine, even if it is just using a metal straw or reusing an old candle jar. The thing with sustainability is that there is always something you can do, little or big and each effort goes a long way in the end!

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