Emma Chamberlain and how She Changed the Fashion Industry.

Emma Chamberlain is a Youtuber who has changed the way people view Youtube, fashion, and Instagram. Whether it was how she edited her videos or the outfits she wore from the second she picked up on audience on Youtube she was quickly an it girl for young girls. 4 years later her influence is only continuing to get bigger each day.

Starting in just 2017 Emma’s subscribers were growing and so many young girls were aspiring to look and dress like her. It started when she would wear teddy coats, the fluffy brown coats that were comfy and casual and once she started wearing it everyone followed suit. I remember walking down the hall senior year seeing everyone wearing a teddy coat as it soon became the fast fashion. She quickly followed that up with being a huge reason that scrunchies came back into fashion. Everyone had a scrunchie on their wrist and a teddy coat on in 2017/2018.

Emma has continued to be an influencer ever since even getting to attend Paris Fashion Week in 2019 and being on the cover of Cosmopolitan in 2020. It seems like everything she wears ends up becoming a new trend in fashion. Some examples of this Doc Martens, tennis skirts, crew-neck sweatshirts, cropped plaid sweaters or tank tops and so much more the list could go on forever.

Emma Chamberlain can simply decide what becomes a trend if she wears it or not. Multicolored sunglasses didn’t become big until she brought them back and she could even be claimed for helping bring GAP back to trend by wearing there crewnecks and zip-ups (a trend that I bought into and am obsessed it.) Emma can control the fashion world by just putting it on her body and I’m so excited to see what she will make in fashion next.

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