Sorbet Pastel Tones

Spring is finally here! Restrictions are being relaxed, and with the vaccine more widely available, people are looking ahead to a little bit of normalcy – crazy, right? I want to talk about pastel tones, a trend that has continued to dominate the feeds of our instagrams this year. Sorbet-inspired colors are a perfect option for spring and they look beautiful on a wide variety of skin tones. Pairing pastels with simple bottoms, or playing with buttery hues, elevates your entire aesthetic and will remain one of the chicest trends for seasons to come. Soft yet eccentric, and perfect for spring, Instagram influencers have slowly adopted a variety of powdery colors, mixing and matching joyful hues to make an outfit pop. Here are a few ideas for how you can play with your pastel tones. 

Mix and match

Have a little fun and mix and match them! Pastels love pastels, so why not experiment by putting them together? Believe me, these sweet-looking hues can go with almost any color. AND it’s a perfect option for creating a stunning OOTD. These pastels can also be mixed and matched with neutral hues to create a calmer look. Personally, I find these hues extremely sweet, delicate and easy to style. So have fun and mix and match your colorful finds!

Go for statement outerwear 

While it’s been a quiet year for the fashion world, this season has introduced some exciting and stylish designs. Sometimes a statement outerwear moment is all you need to complete an outfit! Try picking a jacket or coat in a pastel color, or even a swirl of powdery hues that you can pair with some of your other favorite wardrobe separates. This trend feels like it was made for Instagram. Beyond the runways, retailers have started adding this trend to their new arrivals sections, as well. 

Pastel beauty

If you’re feeling especially bold, why stop at your wardrobe? Try incorporating pastels into your beauty routine! You can play around with bright colors and even add pastels to your hair color, eyeshadow, or lip shade to match your accessories and statement pieces. Luckily this is an easy look for people to try. From bright yellows and baby pinks to blues and soft purples, these shades can be dressed down for a laid back look, or seriously dressed up for a night out. Adding pastels to your makeup routine can be an easy way to brighten up your springtime look.

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