Grammy’s 2021 Red Carpet Fashion

Anytime there is an award show I usually skip the show and focus on the extravagant red carpet looks that celebrities rock (or don’t rock) every year. I’ve written about The Grammy’s fashion and The Met Gala looks several times, and I always seem to find a theme each season. There’s either a repeated pattern, color, or style that you tend to see on the same red carpet. It’s evident that all of the designers are on a similar page on what upcoming trends we should expect for the next season.

This year on The Grammy’s red carpet I noticed two repeated themes of fashion on various celebrities, floral/butterflies and bright spring solids. I think at some point we associated florals with youthfulness and immature fashion, but florals really draw attention to the look and the details put into the fashion piece.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Taylor Swift, but man does she know how to own a red carpet look! Here she is wearing a beautiful, fitted floral dress. Just looking at the picture, you can just imagine the intricate details and time that was put into making this dress. She full on took a flower field as a dress and rocked it with no question. I also admire that though it looks like there is so much going on, the sheer lining of the dress pulls it together by having the flowers gradually fade when it reaches the bust of the dress and the sleeves. Finally, it was perfectly pulled together with the pastel pink heels, which highlighted the pink in the dress. You go Taylor!

Another floral fairytale was in action on the red carpet it seems. Mickey is wearing a form fitting nude slip dress underneath a sheer, floral/ butterfly overlay vail. She’s really giving off fairytale princess vibes with this one, and I can only imagine how it flowed once she walked on the red carpet. Once again, the butterfly and floral detailing gradually dispersed once it reached the waist and bust of the dress, which made the look more simplistic and easier to admire. You can tell that the patterns are covered with various gems and sequins, which caught the light perfectly in the photograph.

Dua Lipa ,of course, did it again. With her beautiful sleek black hair, she quite literally covered her torso with a butterfly, and no one is complaining. With the sequin and crystal drape detailing, it pulled the look together so well and made it red carpet memorable. As you can see it’s something about sparkle and butterflies that can make a women look exquisite. The hip cut outs made the look more edgy but also flattering as she has an amazing figure to show off. This red carpet look might be my favorite.

Now I don’t know this specific floral, but DaBaby really showed up with it. I believe he is wearing Dolce & Gabbana with the broach on his blazer. I am such a big fan of florals on black, I think it makes florals look more sophisticated and classic. Rarely do you see a lot of men wear florals on the red carpet or in general, but this look fits DaBaby’s personality and style to a tee. I think that wearing the green hat with the color-block red bottom pulled all of the colors incorporated into the floral pattern on the suit together, completing the look.

Now onto the solid spring colors I continued to see… and WOW, neon orange looks amazing on Megan Thee Stallion. I love the simplicity yet striking color that the dress represents. The back detailing and the train all being the same color really was a power move to put on Megan. I think this shows how classy she is though she likes to get a little “ratchet” with it, as she said when she accepted her Grammy. She accessorized beautifully with diamonds all over, even on her shoes! This is a perfect look!

Another beautiful color on a beautiful woman. This lime green is stunning and I hope to see this color continue to pop up this spring and summer. The ruched detailing on the dress flatters her figure and the sweetheart neckline makes the dress look as elegant as ever. I also love that the dress isn’t a ball gown, I think this brings more attention to the flare and detailing of the garment. Lizzo, like Megan Thee Stallion, pulled it all together with diamond accessories and matching shoes. AMAZING!

This lilac color is to die for. I think it would look stunning on any skin tone for sure. I think what strikes me about this dress is the low v-cut and diamond trim of the dress. She truly looks like a prom queen. I am such a fan of the abstract diamond trim crossing and connecting in the mid section of the dress. This tricks the eye and emphasizes the waist and curves of Maren beautifully.

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