Skip the Shein Bikini: Be Sustainable This Summer

Sustainability can be hard, expensive and not the easiest to find. It’s especially hard in the summer when those Shein bikinis are so cheap and trendy. However, it’s big companies like those that are constantly mass producing, causing havoc for the environment. Most swimwear takes up to thirty years ti decompose, and when it does it becomes microfibers which are so harmful to the environment. Not all swimwear has to be a killer to the Earth, there are so many up and coming sustainable brands that won’t make your debit card cry after.

Lyme Swimwear is one of the best up and coming swimwear brands that use a biodegradable nylon for their suits, which break down in only three to five years and don’t leave the earth in distress. These sets can be on the pricier side, but the price for this quality fabric is honestly a steal.

Another new brand, Malou Swim, is a great company that is so cheap for how sustainable they are. From their fabric to their compostable packaging, creator Aly Youngman did a great job in making sure her customers are getting the best quality for the best price (with no guilt). The brand just launched and I’m so excited to get my hands on a set.

Boden Swimwear is another company that I absolutely adore, they are a UK based company that idealizes repurposed fabric and even fishnets that were found in the ocean. Boden is fairly priced and offers such adorable prints for any size.

I highly encourage a sustainable summer to keep that ocean you love jumping in so clean! The journey to sustainability can be long and inconsistent but there’s so many little things you can do, like opting for a sustainable bathing suit this summer!

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