Let’s Talk Menswear

The big question this week: what’s trending on the runways this year for menswear? Spring is the best time for reinvention and getting creative with your style. Right now, menswear is slowly getting more colorful, functional, and less constrained by old dress codes and rules. With that being said, this one’s for the guys. Here’s what’s trending on the runways this spring 2021…

Tailored Looks

For a while now, streetwear and sportswear have dominated menswear runways. However, just when you thought it was out, it comes back – tailored looks. While suits have stayed constant at most fashion shows this season, they haven’t come in the traditional forms seen in past shows. Although things are slowly starting to get back to normal with the pandemic, many customers are still working from home and don’t have very many opportunities to dress in business wear. Designers took this into account and have started creating less structured, more relaxed designs. Brands are creating unique cuts that are oversized rather than form-fitting, using daring pastels and creams rather than blacks and greys. Instead of the normal boring trouser, shorts have replaced them in many of this season’s tailored looks, allowing customers to informally wear business clothing during the day.

The Man-bag

One trend that has been a staple in menswear accessories is the man-bag. More and more brands are starting to produce unique versions of the once uncommon item, and more men are beginning to incorporate them into their everyday wardrobes. On this season’s runways, classic oversized duffels are making a comeback, as well as satchels and crossbody bags. 

Utility Wear

Flak, military and safari are all trending this season, especially the pocket-heavy styles. In recent seasons, we’ve seen what looks like fly-fishing jackets on the runways and models wearing unique utility belts. The safari jacket obsession seemed to reach its peak during the Spring/Summer 2020 shows. But now it’s back, and the new look for Spring/Summer 2021 is an overall high-functioning, warcore vibe. And no, I’m not talking about the usual bomber jacket or camo print. Tight silhouettes have been replaced by oversized cargo pants with lots of pockets and the runways have been taken over by chic utility bags, vests and chunky boots from some of the top designers. Off the runway and in stores too, military-inspired items are now a regular feature.


Pastel colors are making a long-overdue comeback in menswear. Most guys stay in their comfort zones of navy, black or grey. But wearing the same monochrome colors will tire you out eventually… This season, many trends are challenging guys to try something new and experiment with colors like pastels. Pastels are essential when you’re trying to freshen up your wardrobe with different shades. Pastels can be tricky, but regardless of the season, they can be incorporated into existing looks in a subtle way, or can be the focal point of an outfit. Creating an outfit with these soft shades can go from simple and safe to bold and attention-grabbing. These bright, happy colors signify positivity as we come out of the pandemic.

Luis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2020

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