My Favorite Fashion Icons

I saw a TikTok the other day and it was captioned “Things Kim Kardashian made you buy” and I thought it was just going to be like her favorite products she posted about, but it was how she influenced fashion. That got me thinking about what other celebrities or fashion icons influence me in my life and what I have bought because of them. There are a LOT of people who influence the way I dress, and it always changes. A lot of times I don’t realize that celebrities influence the way I dress, but then I look back on it and I think wow who would I be without these icons? I decided to narrow it down to my top 3 favorite fashion icons who influence me right now at this moment in my life. 

First and foremost, this person will ALWAYS remain on my list of celebrities who continue to influence my fashion choices. Miss Kimberly Noel Kardashian. I know I have definitely written about her before, but she is my all-time favorite. I have to say that after Kim and Kanye got together, she really stepped up her game and I know Kanye is credited with a lot of that. I feel like I don’t need to talk about how Kim completely reinvented the velour sweatsuit because you can just refer to my previous article here. Aside from the velour tracksuit, does anyone remember when everyone made fun of Kim for wearing bike shorts, and now everyone wears bike shorts?! I won’t lie, when she first was seen in them, I thought how I would never be caught in a pair, but my opinions have drastically shifted. I’m pretty sure she was wearing them to promote one of Kanye’s Yeezy campaigns, but she was just so ahead of the time. The TikTok also mentioned how she started wearing sweatsuits and loungewear out and about. I loved her looks for the Yeezy campaign where she was wearing oversized sweatshirts and bike shorts, or a seamless bodysuit paired with sweatpants and heels. Right now, what I like most about her style and what influences me the most is her more simplistic looks, monochromatic looks. One of my favorite looks of hers is a brown seamless bodysuit with a pair of brown leather leggings, and of course the look is finished with a neutral makeup look. I have never really liked brown clothes, I’ve always owned black, but she inspired me to add more neutrals to my closet. Along with adding brown into my closet, I have also loved incorporating more nudes into my makeup routine. Her KKW lip liners are gamechangers and give the perfect shade for a natural or more dramatic look. A true icon.

My second favorite icon at the moment is Miss Hailey Bieber. I recently just became in love with her, and Justin’s relationship and they have taken over as my new fav celeb couple. I followed her a little on and off, but now I am all in. I think what started it for me was her 2019 Met Gala look in Alexander Wang. The baby pink dress with the thong detail, the hair, the makeup, like a literal 90s vibe and I LOVED it. She recently starred in a campaign for Superga and I’m thinking like do I buy a pair because she styles them so well. One time I saw Hailey Bieber wearing an oversized blazer with straight jeans, so I bought an oversized blazer and straight jeans. No joke. In my eyes, she is the queen of casual street style which is what I aim to wear to class (pre-COVID of course). Hailey has said in interviews that street style influences her fashion sense pretty heavily, which I love. I feel like lately a lot of people just want to be comfortable so they’re looking more for a street style appropriate outfit but make it trendy. Throw on an oversized blazer or layer an oversized crewneck over a turtleneck. When she launched her YouTube channel I was THRILLED because I was so excited to see an inside look into her makeup routine, fashion sense and of course her lifestyle. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

My last, but certainly not least favorite icon right now is Mr. Harry Edward Styles. Could anyone guess that? I have a lot of love for this man, but what I love most is how he has become one of the most influential people in fashion. Breaking gender norms left and right and doing it flawlessly. Literal king sh*t. The power this man has over millions of women and men is astonishing to me, but he uses it so well. A few things I personally have purchased because of him are of course a set of pearls. He used to always wear pearls for performances, music videos, etc. and they became a staple part of his wardrobe. The sweater. If you know, you know. Harry wore a JW Anderson crocheted cardigan at a rehearsal for The Today Show and it went viral on TikTok because everyone was DIYing their own. Finally, JW released the pattern so fans were able to hop on the bandwagon and make their own. I do not know how to crochet, so I purchased one from an Instagram ad I saw, but I have not looked back. Let’s also talk about how he is a muse for Gucci’s creative director Alessando Michele starring in different campaigns and causing the Gucci Mêmoire D’une Odeur to go viral as it was Gucci’s first gender neutral scent. Spoiler, it smells amazing. Alessandro dressed Harry for the 2019 Met Gala where he was the youngest person to co-host in Met history. Do I even need to mention his 2020 Grammy’s look? I am literally going to buy a feather boa because why not? People have associated watermelons and strawberries with him because of his iconic song Watermelon Sugar. The heart shaped glasses he wore in that video? Also went viral. I’m pretty sure he invented the colors pink and blue when he dropped Fine Line. I could go on and on about Harry’s influence on fashion, but that needs to be saved for its very own article.

What’s funny is my mom told me the other day I post too much about the Kardashian’s and Harry Styles that is seems childish. I was like I’m sorry I can’t turn off my personality. I go through phases where if I really like what someone is doing, I am not shy to post about it and share my thoughts. That pretty much sums up this article on my favorite fashion icons and I’m off to go stalk their Instagram’s and online shop so I can be trendy and cool too. 

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