This Summer’s Fashion Trends

Summer is approaching faster than ever and it’s never too early to gear up for the next few months. From fresh shades and swimwear, to sandals and fun prints… It’s going to be a summer to remember in the fashion world. Let’s look at what’s trending this summer as we enter a new chapter that hopefully looks a little more like our old one… Ideally filled with weekend getaways and fancy drinks.

Bright tropics

Bright tropical patterns just feel like summer. Not to mention, they are the perfect party pieces. For some women, patterns and prints can be a bit daunting – especially if you have a bigger chest or curves. But once you try a piece on and give it a chance, you may realize it looks great and that all that worrying was for nothing! Black clothes once dominated my closet but I think, as we get older, we become a bit less self-conscious and want to have more fun with our style. This summer offers a great explosion of colors – go bold and use flowers, leaves, and wings in all kinds of shades, colors and textures. 

‘90s sunglasses

‘90s glasses are back in fashion this summer. After a year spent mostly inside in quarantine, this summer calls for getting outside and enjoying the fresh air in your new vintage sunglasses. These shades might be a small accessory, but they can have a large impact. A great pair of sunglasses can elevate your outfit and your style, and even make you feel like you’re walking straight out of a movie set in Hollywood. The rectangle redux sunglasses are especially trending right now. You’ve probably seen them all over your Tiktok and Instagram feeds. These shades are narrow and rectangular, but not too thin, and are flattering to the face – the perfect balance between subtle, cool, and easily wearable.

PARIS, FRANCE – MARCH 03: Model Bella Hadid is seen on March 3, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

Minimal swim

I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of super strappy, distracting swimsuits that make for some interesting tan lines. Instead, consider taking a minimalist approach when it comes to your swimsuit collection this summer. In recent years, I’ve noticed that people tend to be drawn to more timeless and minimal swimsuits instead of overly-trendy styles that might feel outdated quickly. There are plenty of minimalistic swim silhouettes that don’t feel basic. A cute one-piece or high waisted bikini with modern details would be perfect swimwear looks for this summer. For those who want to show a little more skin, you can try wearing some version of the powerful, timeless triangle bikini. 

Midriff floss skirt/bandage skirt

This trend is one of my favorites. The skirt that’s even sexier than a slit skirt – the midriff floss skirt, also known as the bandage skirt. This skirt is the new fashion trend that wraps our stomach area in straps, which might not sound too appealing at first, but hear me out – it is a trend that’s here to stay. The spring/summer 2021 runways were full of these skirts. It’s all about cut-out details and ties that make these garments unexpectedly stylish. As the weather gets warmer this summer, these skirts make it everyday appropriate when worn with simple crop tops, shirts and knitwear. 

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