Live. Love. Layer: A New Take on Old Methods

As the sun’s warm rays are becoming masked by a cool, crisp fall breeze, it’s time to retire my go-to cropped baby tee and denim shorts outfit. I’ve started pulling out my favorite crewnecks and jackets, preparing for the best time of the year: sweater weather! As always, layering is a great way to reuse basic pieces from your wardrobe and utilize them to spice up an outfit. And don’t get me wrong, I love the known oversized sweater vest over a button up and leather blazers over anything and everything combos, however I’ve been searching for some other ways to add layers that I don’t commonly see in all the “Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas” TikToks I watch for my own style inspiration. Here’s a few methods I’ve found:

Denim jean jackets are a staple, but recently I’ve fallen in love with a twist on this piece: denim vests. In past years I’ve never even considered wearing a denim vest. There’s not really a major reason for this other than that I haven’t seen it fitting in with my style. But, I’ve realized that this piece matches everything so it adds a little edgy flare to any outfit. I just bought one for myself and can’t wait to wear it over sweatshirts, button ups, tshirts, turtlenecks, and more! This is also a great item to make the ever-so-popular ‘denim on denim’ look while still standing out. What can I say, denim’s my destiny!

Speaking of denim, another take on this classic piece is animal print on denim. One day when I was online shopping instead of doing my homework-just kidding…sort of-I came across a jean jacket that had leopard print on the sleeves and pockets. I immediately fell in love. I’ve always hesitated to buy jackets with patterns on them like this because I feel like they’re hard to match with the rest of your outfit, however I’ve had no trouble pairing mine with my fits. Animal print isn’t a new trend, but mixed in with denim makes it unique-plus it looks super cute! Especially if you get zebra print (black and white matches everything) or leopard print (brown: a prime color of the season), matching it with the accent colors in your look isn’t that hard!

Let’s talk about sweatshirts. I’ve always been a big sweatshirt person…as long as they’re paired with sweatpants. I’ve never tried layering them with classy pieces, but I keep seeing fashionistas wearing them under trench coats and leather blazers. Not only are their sweatshirts comfy, but they’re making them CUTE! Imagine that! As I just said, sweatshirts are great to layer under fun coats and jackets, but you can also dress them up by wearing them over a button-up or turtleneck. You can even wear them over a dress like you would a sweater. This tip just doubled my wardrobe! 

My last new layering discovery is opaque tights. I’m a big skirt and dress lover, so having to store away those pieces hurts me every time it gets cold. This year I have started to see people wearing opaque (specifically black) tights under skirts and dresses to complete a fancy (and warm) look. My ideal outfit of a little black dress, black leather blazer, and black combat boots can now continue into the next couple of weeks with the addition of black tights! You can get tights in all different colors and patterns, so make sure you grab a pair now! These would also be adorable under the pair of ripped jeans I know you struggle to wear when it’s cold since they’re…well…ripped. It’s always fun to add a pop of color to your look!

I’m so excited to try these new takes on layering as I continuously work on expanding my style. I hope you find these helpful and will try some for yourself! Anything can make a cute layer if you put your mind to it! Until next time, don’t forget to live, love, layer.

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