Personal Style and Where to Find It

“Basic” an all too common term that strikes fear into the hearts of fashionistas everywhere. This term is the love child of accessible fashion and accelerating trend cycles. With the emergence of brands like Shein and Forever 21, the newest styles are made widely available. When these styles become widespread they become “basic.” The solution to this is simple; personal style. 

Personal style is your own sense of fashion. That feeling you get when you see something you love so much you have it. And when your dislike of a piece becomes so strong you know that no matter how popular it becomes you will never buy it. Staying true to your personal style is what makes you confident and thus impervious to basic naysayers. 

Finding personal styles isn’t difficult. For me, I enjoy thrifting which helps me weed out fads and find what clothing makes me truly happy. I’d also recommend Pinterest which can help sort outfits by what you like. I often combine the two and consult my Pinterest while thrifting so I know which pieces will fit into my fashion vision. 

The fashion industry generates over 92 million tons of waste each year and this number is growing. Accelerating trend cycles make your old closet unusable quicker, not falling victim to these same trend cycles can pave the way to a more sustainable future. Finding personal style allows you to fall in love with pieces and thus less likely to throw them out with each season. Personal style also allows you to find pieces through sustainable modes such as thrifting and online resellers. 

Clara Perlmutter AKA “TinyJewishGirl” on TikTok

One of my personal fashion icons is TinyJewishGirl, Clara, on TikTok. Clara is known for shocking the internet through her unconventional outfits. Despite discouraging comments, Clara keeps posting her unique ensembles. Clara is a classic example of how finding personal style makes you confident. Moreover, most of her closet is passed down or thrifted, making her ensembles good for the environment as well as stylish.


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