The Rise of Minimalist Fashion and the “Clean Look” Trend

            The trend of minimalist fashion has started to become more and more popular in recent months. Minimalist fashion is the use of neutral, black, and white simple wardrobe “staples” in everyday outfits. Examples of these looks can be seen on influencers such as Kim Kardashian and Emma chamberlain, as these two are responsible for most of the popularity surrounding the trend. Not only is it easy to achieve, but the pieces will never go out of style because of their simplicity. The trend is also perfect for beginners who are attempting to step up their style game.

The trend is easy to achieve, all you need is a few basic closet staples. For shirts you would want to have t-shirts, tank tops, and long sleeves in whatever cut you desire all in neutral colors. For the bottoms a mix of classic denim, black, and white is best for this look. Accessorizing also plays a huge role in this trend, simple dainty chains and hoop earrings are growing popularity and fit perfectly for the minimalist style.

Minimalism doesn’t just pertain to clothing and has slowly started to take over the beauty industry. The “clean look” is gaining popularity on social media and brands have started creating more products to help achieve it. The “clean look” is all about having a Dewey, natural looking finish to your makeup and using small amounts to enhance your features. Brands like Glossier, Milk Makeup, and Charlotte Tilbury have made this look popular with their light natural finish makeup.

Minimalism is slowly taking over the fashion world. It is an easy and affordable style that anyone can achieve. This trend opens doors for finding more ethically sourced and created clothing, reducing clothing waste, and celebrates and enhances our natural features. Minimalism is the trend to follow this season.

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